1. Do your products contain parabens? 

All our products are paraben-free

2. Can I get a list of ingredients in your products? 

Ingredient lists can be found on each product page on miss-vivien.com

3. Where are your products manufactured? 

Our products are made in the Barcelone, Spain.

4. Does the Massage Gel with Diamond Powder have gold in it?

No, it has golden particles.

5. Does the Massage Gel with Diamond Powder have real diamond dust in it? Is it good for skin health?

Yes. Golden particles and diamond dust aren’t absorbed by the skin, and therefore have no effect on it.

6. The Intimate Lubricant is silicone-based or water-based?

All are water-based and therefore are natural. They are not silicone-based because they are for intimate body parts but water-based more natural. In addition, they have been enhanced with Salies les Bearn thermal water. They are mother water obtained from evaporated water from the depth of saline springs, after precipitated salt elimination. They have 26 trace elements that have been used since 1855 in gynecological treatments. These thermal waters prevent vaginal infection and vaginal dryness. For more information look for thermal gynecological cures here. 

7. The intimate lubricants of Miss Vivien are compatible with condoms?


8. Miss Vivien's intimate lubricants have passed some kind of test or test?

Yes, for Miss Vivien the comfort and safety of our users is one of our maxims, that's why all our intimate lubricants have been tested by a team of expert gynaecologists to guarantee our customers' best.

9. Can fragrances containing Miss Vivien products irritate the intimate areas?

No, they are all hypoallergenic. That means that the risk of allergy is almost zero.

10. Are the flavours of Miss Vivien lubricants edible?


11. Is the Massage Gel with Diamond Powder edible?


12. Can Miss Vivien Massage Gel with Diamond Powder be in contact with intimate areas?

Yes. The comfort and safety of our users is one of our maxims. In addition our exclusive Massage Gel contains calendula oil, known for its soothing properties.

13. Does Miss Vivien test on animals?

Miss Vivien does not test its products on animals. It is prohibited.

14. Are Miss Vivien products gluten-free?


15. Is the Caress Cream for Buttocks Exfoliant natural?

There are exfolients that are physically made (with olive, peach,and apricot particles,…) that erode dead skin cells in the last epidermis layer. Miss Vivien’s exfolient wants to achieve the perfect buttocks, and it can’t be achieved with a natural exfoliation. We need to add lactic acid and salicylic acid to remove skin impurities that are normally present in the last layer of the dermis, and work much more intensely than a physical exfoliation. It also contains burdock extract, which is excellent for acne-prone skin, especially in women because this zone is sensitive to acne in hormonal up and down periods.