3 steps to intensifying pleasure

Miss Vivien oozes luxury and sophistication, quality is never compromised. Her exquisite products are designed to make you look and feel empowered, sexy and fearless in the most passionate of moments. Miss Vivian’s unique Intimacy Regime will prepare, stimulate and soothe your body to maximise sensual and emotional pleasure. (Products can also be used individually).

Make every moment count with Miss Vivien’s Intimacy regime

Before (Step 1)

Miss Vivien Massage gel with Diamond Powder and Gold Particles

massage gel miss vivien

Stimulate your senses with a sensual massage, Miss Vivien Massage gel feels velvety soft and sexy, its golden particles spread over your skin to leave a luminous glow. Extracts of marigold soften the skin and its sweet aroma of cookies and cream will make you feel beautiful and sensual.


During (Step 2)

Miss Vivien Intimate water based lubricant

Miss Vivien Intimate Lubricate with Thermal Water

Rich with Salies-De-Bearn thermal waters and minerals, this lubricant has a unique saline concentration that matches the PH of the human body. It boosts a luscious vanilla scent and will gently lubricate and hydrate for the most pleasurable experience. Gynaecological and dermatologically tested this product will intensify sexual pleasure.      


After (Step 3)

Miss Vivien After Party Restorative Gel

Comforting and softening intimate areas are intense sexual activity is something that can only be achieved with high quality products. Miss Vivien After-Party Restorative gel is a rich mix of Rosehip Oil, Marigold Extract and organic Aloe Vera all known for their calming qualities. This soothing gel will regenerate and hydrate after the most passionate of encounters leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed. Gynaecologically and dermatologically this product is the perfect after party pick up.